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Lord Jochen from Swordlord presents...

NEW : Enigmatic Movements version 1.6 for MacOS

NEW: Enigmatic Movements Java Applet

What is Enigmatic Movements?

The object of Enigmatic Movements is to move the colored tiles on the board
until each row or column has the same color. You can choose a boardsize between 
4x4 tiles (piece of cake) and 10x10 tiles (very difficult). Once you get the 
hang of it, it gets easier to complete the board, but the real challenge is to
do this in the least number of moves possible !


- the game keeps statistics for up to 10 players
- choose from 4 different sets of tiles, and choose the background color
- the Challenge Mode : you're challenged to complete a certain board in under a 
maximum number of moves. If you succeed, you get points and a new (harder) 
- background music : you can put any MOD, MADH, XM or S3M music file (or alias) 
in the Music folder, and listen to them during the game. There are 2 musics 
- 2 ways of moving the tiles, for the most pleasing user experience

What's new in version 1.6?

- statistics on screen are drawn bigger and nicer
- updated info in game and readme

Requirements: Enigmatic Movements should run on any Mac or compatible (68K and 
PowerPC native) with system 7.0 or better, and at least a 640x400 resolution. 
Minimum RAM requirement is 1MB, preferred is 1800KB, when you're screen is set 
to millions of colors...

Download Enigmatic Movements 1.6 from one of these servers (use stuffit 5.x!) :

www.swordlord.com/enigmatic/enigmatic_16.sit (776 KB)

ace.ulyssis.student.kuleuven.ac.be/~jochen/enigmatic_16.bin (776 KB)

How to register Enigmatic Movements?

Enigmatic Movements is $15 shareware. If you register, you can play with the 8x8, 9x9 and 10x10 boards, get beyond challenge 5, and disable the nagscreens... You can register online at http://order.kagi.com/?VQ, or use the accompanying Kagi Register-program.

Where can I get extra music?

You can put any MOD, MADH, XM or S3M file you can find in the Music folder, and Enigmatic Movements will play it during the game! You can also put aliases to these files in the Music folder, if you rather keep the originals elsewhere... Some good tracks can be found at the following places :

Modarchive : the biggest collection of screened quality mods
www.hornet.org : huge collection of mods
The Psycholizer's Homepage : my self-made mods, 2 of them are distributed with the game
ftp.cdrom.com/pub/demos/music : huge archive
Page with a lot of good goa-trance mods

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