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Mildew - the one and only Mac Jump 'n Run


Supported Platforms

Macintosh OS 9


Mildew is an award winning! and one of the first *real* Jump 'n Run games for the Mac. Travel through 8 stunning levels and get back all you lost. But be prepared, compressed thrill and badnes waits for you. Can you fulfill this mission?


Exclusive screenshots of Mildew here.


Mildew runs on any PPC and on every 68030 or better Mac with 265 or more colors. Good sound system is optional.


This version is optimised for 680x0 Motorola processors.

This version is optimised for PPC processors. And runs on Power PC's only.


Register Mildew and any other SwordLord Product online at: http://order.kagi.com/cgi-bin/r1.cgi?XB& If you register Mildew you will be able to play all the 8 featured Levels. Read more about Mildew in the Press section.

Please note that Mildew is released as Shareware and you may test Mildew only for up to 30 days. If you like to use it further you have to register Mildew.


Mildew was mainly coded by Lord Filu and Lord Eidi. Thanks go out to: Lord Mista for the exclusive Soundtrack, Lord Jochen and Lord Andrej for testing Mildew.


Get in contact with SwordLord via LordAdmin at lordadmin@swordlord.com.


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