"He then talked to his table for a week to see how it would react."

Douglas Adams,
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.



Supported Platforms

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About Pinch ol' Santa 2

Pinch ol' Santa 2 is a small Christmas game made by SwordLord - the coding crew. It is Christmas Eve and the time is nearing 9 o' clock in the evening. There can only be seconds until Santa starts to deliver his parcels to the chimneys of your town.

You look through your window, out of your room at the roofs of a town somewhere in Switzerland. As you admire the lamps and the scenery in general, you see Santa. And there he is, running across that roof on the left of your window.

Looking at Santa you get an idea: Maybe if you pinch him now, he will lose a parcel or two which you then can take for yourself. You open the window and start to Pinch ol' Santa.


"Here comes fatty with his sack full o'crap. Perhaps the *weirdest* game of this season, players must try and 'pinch' a series of scuttling Santas in hopes that they might drop a present or three."

From http://www.chezmark.com/chezmarkive/352.shtml

"Thats a hoot =8*)"



Pinch ol' Santa 2 is released as PinchWare. See the ReadMe for further details.




Pinch ol' Santa 2 runs on OS X 10.1 or later. On Windows 2000 or later and on some flavours of Linux.

It runs fine on a G4 processors or a Pentium running at at least 1 GHz (and subsequent hardware). If you happen to have a G3 or a slower Pentium, Pinch ol' Santa 2 will behave a bit hesitant but runs nevertheless.

Good sound system is optional but definitely worth it.

Download for OS X

Get Pinch ol' Santa 2 for OS X at this link. The game comes in a OS X native disc image which can be mounted with a double click on the disc images icon. Some browser (Safari) open the disc image after the download by default.

Download for Windows

Get Pinch ol' Santa 2 for Windows at this link. The game comes with an installer. Just follow the instructions in the installation program to install the game.

If you have problems with the installer you can download Pinch ol' Santa 2 as a zip archive without an installer at this link. Just open the archive and start playing.

Download for Linux

We are looking for package maintainers to release packages for the various flavours of Linux. Pinch ol' Santa 2 compiles fine on Debian as on SuSE, so making a package should not be much of a problem for an experienced maintainer. Please drop us a note if you want to help out.

If you are adventurous you can download the linux binary at this link. Please see the enclosed readme file for informations about the needed libraries.

Download for older Macintoshs

Get an older version of Pinch ol' Santa at this link. This hqx file archive contains an older version of Pinch ol' Santa and runs on older Macs.


Pinch ol' Santa 2 is built with "The Nyltn Engine" (TNE) and the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL).

See the ReadMe for further details.

Thanks go out to U4ia and deathjester for the soundtracks and to SwordLord's beta tester department for the quality assurance.


Get in contact with SwordLord via LordAdmin at lordadmin@swordlord.com.


More SwordLord games can be found at this link.