"He then talked to his table for a week to see how it would react."

Douglas Adams,
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.



Supported Platforms

Looking for the OS X version of this game? Go and get it here.

Macintosh OS 9

About Pinch ol' Santa

Santa is on his way to the chimneys of your town. You look through your window out of your room. You have recently hung up some lametta and lamps, to get the full Xmas feeling out of the season.

This is where the game starts! You open the window and start pinching ol' Santa. If you are able to pinch him on the right place, he will loose a parcel from his bag and you can get it!


"Here comes fatty with his sack full o'crap. Perhaps the *weirdest* game of this season, players must try and 'pinch' a series of scuttling Santas in hopes that they might drop a present or three."

From http://www.chezmark.com/chezmarkive/352.shtml


Pinch ol' Santa is the first game which has the SwordLord Sillynes approved label.


Pinch ol' Santa runs on any PPC and on every 68020 or better Mac with 256 colors. Good sound system is optional. But we absolutely advise you to use some!!


Download Pinch ol' Santa Pro here.


Pinch ol' Santa PRO was mainly coded by Lord Filu and Lord Eidi. Thanks go out to: U4ia for the verrry special Soundtrack, Lord Jochen and Lord Andrej for testing Pinch ol' Santa PRO.


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